Muaythai Mafia ~ Sudarat Prakobkit

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If I stop updating then I’m no longer alive… Regards Danny Avison.

  The Story CONTINUES …

UPDATE: 1st APRIL 2012

I Got NO MONEY but I still Got My HONEY !

When things start to go wrong and your daily road feels like its all up hill, this is when most relationships start to fall apart. I now see how LUCKY am I to have such an AMAZING girlfriend whom has stuck by my side through out this bad situation.

girl friend penpat su thailand muay thai camp rawai phromthep
It is a shame that’s its taken a bad situation for me to appreciate the qualities in Su, She is a BEAUTIUL girl with a BIG smile and a big heart, some one that you can TRUST and relay on in good times & bad…. I have NO money but I still have my Honey !

Phuket would be a FAR better place if their were more girls living their  like Su !

UPDATE: 3rd APRIL 2012

“Obstacles are those dreadful things we see when we take our eyes off our dreams.” (Henry Ford)

It looks like WINNING in the Thai court is not going to be so easy.

I have no contract to say that I ever worked at Phromthep Muaythai camp and No employment contract or salary agreement so my lawyer is now telling me its unlikely that I will win in court unless I can come up with some witnesses to back up my claims. I was also warned that Thai people are easily intimated and can NOT be relied on as a witness come court day so it seams like I’m am the one that is S.O.L (Shit Out of Luck).

The Negativity of it all is VERY draining.
Negative thoughts put a drain on the brain and stops a person from moving forward.

With this in mind I have decided to put it all behind me, move forward and learn from the mistakes made in the past. Time to focus on positive things in my life.

It may seem like Goong and her greedy family have beaten me but keep in mind that they are losing 1+ million THB EVERY month in lost income. They are averaging  only 2 – 3 students each month and have little chance of getting their business back to what it was earning prior to my exit in  November 2011.

MANY THANKS to EVERY ONE that has supported ME by NOT training at Phuket Fit Gym. Please spread the word to ALL your friends .. The GREEDY Thai owners at Phuket Fit Muay Thai Camp are NOT worthy of your money.

Many Thanks for your continued support.

The photo below I have put up to keep me reminded me that some people have it alot worse than me .

money wont buy happinessI  NEVER had to go to bed  hungry,  My air-conditioned  room keeps me  cool & safe from the elements .  I have my , my dreams & my girl friend Su …  with this experience behind me I will move forward and try to focus on the good things.


UPDATE: 10th APRIL 2012

Its EASTER (SONGKRAN festival in Thailand) … The GYM would of been earning about 2 million THB a month had business continued.

It has now been 5 months since Goong & her GREEDY family run me out of town. They could have paid me out  and continued with the good business that we were doing  but Goong with the help of her corrupt policeman husband chose  to try and scare me to leave Thailand with  out having to  pay me any money for my share of the business.

Since that day (November 2011)… Goong has been losing 1+ million THB a month in revenue,  that’s 5 MILLION THB they are already out of pocket and its still 8 months in till the next high season, by November 2012 (the start of the  next high season) they will be 12 – 15 million THB out  of pocket, that’s = about the same amount of money that I had invested over my 10 years at the GYM.

Some one recently said to me that may be Goong can not pay me any money because they have no money / income to pay me with. … my response to that is…  Goong and her family are worth more than 70 MILLION THB (2.5 million dollars) and most of that wealth  has been accumulated within the last 9 years.  The land  @ Phuket  that the gym is located on is worth  12 million a rai, they have 4 – 5 rai of land, that’s about 40 – 50  million THB in land value only, the gym and 20+ gym bungalows is worth another 15 – 20 million, the Gym restaurant cost more than 2 million to build, 10 rai of land at Phang Nga bay that is producing an income from (latex) rubber trees is worth  6+ million, Goongs shop at Kata is worth more than 5 million, Goongs mother has a multi level Shop & accommodation complex at Kata beach worth more than 15 million & Goong has just built her self a NEW house north of Phuket town worth more than 10 million Thai Baht.  If YOU have  NO CASH Goong, try selling some assets !

They now has 3 people doing my job… 1 man making & updating the web site, another man doing SEO work for GOOGLE search engine placement  & they have just employed David  from the UK to manage & promote  the training @ the GYM.

To distance them selfs from the bad reputation of  PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp they are now promoting themselves  as  Phuket Fit  – THAILAND Muay Thai Camp  & with the cleaver use of the key words ( RAWAI Muay Thai ) on their  web site header they will be hoping to pick up a few of the  would be Rawai students to thinking that they are Rawai Muay Thai Camp.

A few days ago with the help of their new Gym manager David, Goong was  offered the opportunity to negotiate an offer to pay me out  but their response was NO. They refused to pay any money to ME period !

With the help of you all spreading the word to your family &  friends to NOT train at PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp / Thailand Muay Thai Camp …. they will continue to lose 1+ million THB every month until they do pay me.

My story will be come a monumental message to any Thai business people that think they can shit on Foreigners and run them out of Thailand. This style of business is going to be BAD for  their business. Greed, police corruption and mafia activities is Not the way to run a  business  any more Thailand.

Money can make you LOOK important &  buy you  friend’s …. butit  can NOT buy happiness.

money creates greed phuket mafia thailand

PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp

UPDATE: 19th APRIL 2012

A rolling stone gathers no moss !

Su and I will soon be going to Australia and we plan to get married in late June or early July.

The wedding will be VERY small with just a couple of close friends joining us in the celebrations. We will stay in Australia for the next  3 – 6 months and spend some quality time with each other while we ponder our next journey / dream.

The Muay thai Gym @ Rawai Phuket is still on  track with plans for the lease to be signed soon  but I doubt I will end up  living back at Phuket so my involvement in this gym will be via internet marketing only.  I LOVE the idea of a small Triathlon camp north of Phuket with just  Su  & I,  this is at the top of my dreams but for now we will slow down and take time to smell the roses. I have been so busy working in Thailand that  I have not had time to compete in any  Triathlon / Marathon events for the past 4 years so I am hoping to get in a few Triathlons during my time in Australia.

This will be my first Australian winter in 12 years & it will be the first time in 12 years that I have not lived in a small room at the gym.

Im looking forward to spending ALOT more time  getting to know my Grand Kids.

Gran ma Su with my grand Kids

This is a photo of Su with my grand kids on our visit to Australia in 2010.   I have been living & working in Thailand since before they were born so I have not had much time to get to know them. I am happy that is soon going to change….

A good friend has offered a job in Australia that will help me make some money  so I can pay back my debt to those that have  invested in Phromthep Muay Thai Camp.

More details about our Australian plans coming VERY soon.

PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp

UPDATE: 25th APRIL 2012


Today I am @  PHUKET

A few days ago Su received a threatening phone call from Goongs husband Twatt saying if We did not stop hampering their efforts do do business at Phromthep Muay Thai Camp that Twatt would ensure that Sue had her  Australian Visa revoked and I will be imprisoned in Thailand for 2+ years.

On sharing this information with  some media  friends in Bangkok, they phoned Goong and  organized a meeting at Phuket to talk about  resolving our issues prior to me  departing for  Australia.  The meeting was scheduled for today @ Chalong police station PHUKET.  Goongs husband didn’t show as I expected the potential media attention was more  than he wanted. The meeting itself  was a waste of time as Goong  was still talking the same BULL SHIT refusing to admit I ever invested in the gym & that she is not prepared to pay me any money for my share of the gym.

BUT what was revealed today is that 2 months ago Goong and her asshole husband Twatt filed a police report against me claiming that I slandered his good name. In Thailand when a police report is filed you are given 60 days tell your side of the story, after 60 days an arrest warrant will be issued. My residential address given to the police by Goong was the gyms address / Phromthep Muaythai Camp. As I had already been living in Bangkok for the past 6 months their intention was for me to never know anything about the complaint and when I depart Thailand next week I would have been arrested at the airport..  SAVED on ANZAC day  only a few days before I was due to fly back to Australia. JING JING… I think some one was looking out for me,  How LUCKY is that.

GOONG and Twat … you both have reached an all time  LOW .  Tiring to have me arrested once was bad enough but trying it twice.. what Assholes !…

So the arrest warrant  problem has been sorted out by my  Bangkok friends. The police tell me  I can not call Goong or Twatt  ASEHOLE’s any more. Hence my blogging may come to an end tomorrow.

This hopefully is NOT because im In jail or dead.. I will be active on my Facebook page to show I am still alive and a free man. find me on facebook >> (Danny Avison) for those that want to check on my well being.

For those that want to voice their opinion with Goong >> here is Goongs Thai mobile number >> +66 85787 0071

PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp

UPDATE: 3rd MAY 2012

A Photo says 1000 WORDS

How do you FIGHT against corrupt Police…  

Yesterday I went to the Forestry Department in Bangkok  to talk with Twatts boss.

Goongs husband Twatt is employed as the Phuket forest ranger, the person in charge of protecting the government forest.  But In Thailand you can buy your way out of this type of trouble.

My complaint was made direct to the head of the forestry department  but it seems corruption runs deep with in the Thailand police force and after a day with them I could see the police only have interest to  look after them selfs.

bangkok police head office forestry crime provention bangkok police head office forestry crime provention  bangkok enviromantal crime division

Video of Goong & Twatt using an Elephant to remove trees from Government land @ Kata – Phuket Thailand. You can see Goong and Twatt standing behind the elephant holding their new born baby (Captain)  as the logs are being dragged out of the forest illegally by an elephant..

# Click on the photo’s to see larger View

ownership papers of phromthep muay thai camp  payment to goong one million thai baht for construction phromthep muay thai camp

Their has been rumors that I don’t legally have shares in Phromthep Muay Thai Camp and that I never paid money to Goong for the construction of the gym. Photo 1 above = My signature as a part owner @ Phromthep Muay Thai Camp.  Photo 2 = transfer document showing 1 million THB being paid into Goongs Thailand account in 2009 for the construction of Phromthep Muay Thai Camp. … That puts an end to those rumors !

PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp

UPDATE: 5th MAY 2012

It come to my Attention that ALOT of People dont know who Goong & her family are (what they look like) so I have posted photos below… My GREEDY  business partners @ Phromthep Muay Thai Camp – Phuket Thailand.

 twatt & goong goong and her brother road goongs mother names in Thai danny and goong going to singapore - where it all started  goong at her new land at pung na


I received a Facebook message today  from the NEW manager @ Phromthep Muay Thai Camp David Mcrobb. David is a little PISSED off at me  because my web site & blog is stopping students from wanting to train at Phromthep Muay Thai Camp.

David was recently shit on by his Thai business partners at a Muay Thai Camp he had invested in @ Hula Hin south of Bangkok.  He is so quick to want to work for Goong @ Phromthep Muay thai Camp that perhaps in the excitement of having a new job he has forgotten about his experience of working with greedy Thai’s,  or may be having Twatt  the corrupt  police man / part owner of Phromthep Muay Thai Camp  watching his back he thinking how can anything go wrong for him @ Phromthep Muay thai Camp.

If you want my job David then you should be buying my 33% share of the business, My web site and blogging will continue intill some ones pays me for my 10  years of investment in Phromthep Muay Thai Camp.

For a man that is working in Thailand with out a work permit,  You sure do have a BIG mouth David . See below messages sent  to me from David Mcrobb

(David Mcrobb – Manager @ Phromthep Muay Thai Camp)

# Click on the photos to see larger View


david mcrobb phromthep manager david mcrobb phromthep manager

^ Click on the photos to see larger View

PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp

UPDATE: 6th MAY 2012

I was suppose to fly back to Australia today but I have decide to postpone my flight and wait for Su to get her visa approval so we can both fly to Australia together.

I am looking forward so much to starting a new life with Su in Australia.

I know I have said this already but ….  one of the best things to come from this bad situation with Goong & her greedy family is an improvement with my relationship with my Girl friend. Su and I have been together for 7+ years but I  was never interested in making a commitment to her, My work at the gym was  ALWAYs my number 1 priority, relationship was a distant 2nd, BUT over the past 6 month’s Su  has stood by my side even when threats were made to her she NEVER  let it come between us. So the good that has come from this situation with Goong is that I  now realize  that I can count on Su 100% in the good times and bad times. A KEEPER as my friends all tell me.  Some times it takes a bad situation before we start to appreciate what we have.

PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp

UPDATE: 8th MAY 2012

Life is about  building character and wisdom through experience.  There will always be adversity to overcome

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” .. Thomas  Edison

PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp

UPDATE: 11th MAY 2012

We are waiting on Visa approval for Su, We should hear back from the embassy today.   A few more day’s Su & I will be back in AUSTRALIA .

PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp

UPDATE: 13th MAY 2012

my fights against phromthep muay thai camp

To the MANY that  have helped me bring down Goong and her Mafia Family ..

MANY Thanks  for YOUR support.  Your help will NOT be forgotten !

PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp

UPDATE: 19th MAY 2012

Our  departure to Australia has  been delayed once again.  Goong and Twatt were called to Bangkok yesterday by the Bangkok Police in the hope to mediate a settlement and keep the illegal logging out of the media & Thai courts. 6 hours of negotiating achieved very little, Goong had a bad case of VERBAL diarrhea. She denied that I ever invested in the gym bungalows,  she denied ever offering interest payment’s to any person that invested money in the gym and or though she could NOT produce any documents to show that she ever paid me a salary or commission during my 7+ years of working with her she assured the police that she is talking 100% the TRUTH. Goong said to the police mediator that she did NOT think she should have to pay ANY money to me or the GYM investors considering that I have ruined her business,  bla bla bla bla bla …. It  was shameful to hear Goong talking so much B.S in front of high ranking police.  I can now she that she severely lacks moral fiber & Integrity.

PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp

UPDATE: 25th MAY 2012

Some people in this world are lacking so much in Moral Fiber  &  Good Character

 The foundation of character is what your values and morals are based on , It is what keeps a person  honest. 

Moral Fiber is what separates good people from the bad. Moral fiber is the capacity to do what is right  even when we think no one is looking.

  • A business person with strong moral fiber would decline a bribe and put their self interests aside for the benefit of the company.
  •  A parent with strong moral fiber helps their kids to succeed even if it means they have to make sacrifices.
  •  A wife or husband with good moral fiber dose not cheat or lie to their spouse even if it is to save them selfs.
  •  A person with good moral fiber does not do things to intentionally cheat others and when given the opportunity does things to help those less fortunate.

When Abraham Lincoln pushed to free slaves despite hostility from his own political party, he showed great moral fiber.

Traits that you will find in a person with Good Character

  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Caring
  • Dependable
  • Integrity
  • Respectful
  • Compassionate

Measure of a persons morals and charactor<

  • When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends.
  • When you want to test a persons character…  give them some power.
  • Character is what we do when we think no one is looking.
  • Another test of ones charactor is to watch how a person treats someone they feel are in a lower class than themselves.

Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved. Struggle makes us stronger !

PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp

UPDATE: 25th JUNE 2012

dont fuck with kiwi

Im told the GYM & restaurant have already closed down.

NO more PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp, No more job for Yib & Jang  &  NO more income for Goong & her greedy Family.  YahOOOO !


PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp

UPDATE: 30th JUNE 2012

I was asked to STOP updating my Blog while Goong and Twatt  were negotiating to pay me out for my share of the GYM &  for  money invested in PHROMTHEP Muaythai Camp  but that turned out to be a crock of shit, another month of negotiating  has passed and Goong is still full of SHIT.  At the end of the day they refused to pay even $15 000 AUD / 500 000 THB.  So now that  I am  safely back in Australia  with no intention to return to Thailand  so will start my  blogging again …

BUT before I start …  did I mention Su and I are now  BACK in AUSTRALIA !

I thought  it was going to be a hard adjustment moving back to Australia after 12 years  of living in Thailand  but 4 weeks after arriving  back  to  Australia  and  we are LOVING IT.  The cold weather in Australia is refreshingly nice, exercising in the cold has proved to be VERY different compared to  training in the Tropics but I will blog more about that in a few weeks.

penpat su

WEDDING day … Su and I will get married on  July 21st @ Gympie Australia. Wedding photos will be posted here soon.


Goong /  real name =   Sudarat Prakobkit  < ~ Google index follow ~ >

PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp

UPDATE: 13th August  2012

danny & su avison

Su and I were married at Gympie Australia on July 21st.
We have both been super buzy organising work and  a spouse visa for Su.
We have LOTs to say but will update in a few weeks.
We are both LOVING being in Australia.

PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp

UPDATE: 21st  September  2012

Things are going VERY well for Su and I in Australia.
We are LOVING working on the family farm. WORKING hard to make a new  start  !

UPDATE: 04th  January  2014

What has  happened @ Phromthep Muaythai Camp.…. ?

Goong and her MAFIA family have reopened the gym under a new name. ” PHUKET FiT “

phuket fit gym phuket thailand

Web site ~>

Web site ~>

PLEASE spread the word to your FRIENDS
Training @ this gym supports Goong and her GREEDY MAFIA family.

Its now been 2 years since Goong and her mafia family run me out of Thailand and I can honestly say for both Su and I it has worked out for the better. I am  free of my small thinking Thai business partners and happy to start again to build a future with my wife Su.


Where am I now … I am VERY happy to be working on the family farm at Gympie Queensland Australia ….

VISONA Lodge  horse racing .. We bread and race horses.

With 20+ race horses to feed twice a day, it was a good time to come back to Australia as my aging parents were in need of help with feeding and maintenance on the farm.

penpat avison thai chief

February 2014 .. Su now has been given her Australian TFN and has started working @ the local club as Thai Chef.

See OUR latest Photo’s ~> PHOTO’s ~> Life on the farm for Danny & Su

UPDATE: February 2013

Su and I have decided to venture up to Darwin (Top End of Australia) for a year to see what opportunities we find. We are hoping to find work in the mines and make some BIG money so we can save faster to buy land back in Thailand to make our next gym.

UPDATE: November 2014
Our Darwin adventure has been good… I have been earning good money working @ a BHP mine on Groote Eylandt and Su has been working at an airport catering company. We have saved good money over the year and now we are in a good position to either buy a house in Australia or land back in Thailand for the next gym….. We have some decisions to make.

See My Photo’s ~> PHOTO’s ~> BHP mine @ Groote Eylandt

UPDATE: December 2014

I have just been offered a VERY good mining job in Western Australia so our time @ Darwin is about over as Su & I get ready venture to the west coast of Australia. My new job pays too well to give up so we are thinking if we open a new gym in Thailand,  to let Wayne, Harlee and Kru Ott run the gym while Su and I focus on making the money to build bungalows etc … more about the new gym coming soon in 2015.

45 thoughts on “Muaythai Mafia ~ Sudarat Prakobkit”

    1. Danny, Sorry to read about your troubles in Phuket…I also had a couple of small, close encounters with some shady folks in those parts. Really too bad what a little $ can do to some people. Hang in there mate! Be safe, watch yer 6:00… -Dirk

  1. Sorry to hear what happen! Really enjoy my time at Promthep. Hope your safe and well, and stay that way. Keep me informed of what you plan i.e (Setting up a new gym in Thailand or Australia) Choke Dee

  2. I am sorry to hear that this happened, and hope your return travels to Australia were safe. I will be going to Thailand to Christmas and New years again this year and was looking forward to see you at Phromthep.

    I wish you the best, and looking forward to hearing from you,

    Ken Powers
    Guess I will be training at Lionshead this year

  3. That’s awful. I know there is a mafia thing there as my son had to get out quick when he was there. Keep safe and get home. Zoé had massage lessons with Sue, I’m the English transplant woman came to your old gym 3 years running….I sent David to you and he just told me what had happened…

  4. buddy i wish nothing but the best of u..some thing happen to me i got rip off by my business partner,which is still part my family..i just couldnt understand some people will do anything for money..i guess everyting happen for a reason and we all gonna learn a lesson,..keep us up date..sorry for my broken english

  5. Hey man its Sean D. I’m really sorry to hear that! I know how you feel!! Please contact me when you are safe and have the time.

  6. tragic news bro,i am still in shock…danny,it was obvious that you were the brains and the backbone behind phromtheps success … all the nutritional support you gave us all will never be forgotten by hundreds of us all around the world ….you made a huge contribution to the gym over the years and without danny avison and the informative website you built your ex business parteners will struggle to rebuild their customer base and may never recover the loyalty that many have shown by continualy returning to that paticular gym ….. please stay safe bro … cheers

  7. Hi Danny,
    We just heard about all this from Deepak. We are heart broken for you and pray you are well and safe. I never trusted her or her husband and had a bad feeling from the get go. It seems to be such a common theme in Thailand, sadly. Tu and I are settled here in California with all our dogs. We want you to know that if you need a place to chill for a while and get yourself together our home is always open to you and we would welcome you anytime. Please shoot us an email it would be great to talk and be intouch with you. email is
    Sawasdee krup Steve and Tu

  8. Hello Danny!
    I am sorry for your problems with the former Thai partners. They will have to deal with their karma soon enough.
    I would like to do a 2 weeks get into better shape-visit. My pregnant wife and 3 year son would also join me, but not to train of course. We plan this for February 2012. Any advice? Would be great to stay in a place that allows my wife to relax and get her spa experience, as well as me burning off 10 kilos of fat. 🙂
    All the best!

    1. Hello Henric

      I am now working @ a Bangkok gym with master Toddy
      The training is VERY good, we have families here too . Thai massage spa is very close to the gym.

      The gym is located close to Bangkok airport and close to the BTS sky train so it is easy to get to others areas of Bangkok.
      We have rooms available at the GYM . check out the web site >>

  9. Hey Danny,

    Shocked to hear this mate. Really am, it’s still sinking in. You are one of the best manager/person I knew from Rawai 2008 trip. Hope you bloody win and get your money. Karma will catch up to them.


  10. what stupid people your ex-partners are. they should have known that what they put out will come back. You have such a huge support group around the world that I would hate to think what would happen if they ever did anything bad to you, their business would be gone I think and possibly worse. They should realise they made a big mistake in treating you like this and try to salvage something before it is too late and pay you for your website. Keep safe, I am sure your friends and family are thinking of you …

  11. Hi Danny,
    sorry to hear about the gym, i know how much that place ment to you.
    look forward in training at your new gym when you get it up and running, say gaday to wayne for me
    aussie dave

  12. As ive always said Danny bro,You have always opened the door for people to experience Thai culture,muay thai,and done so much with your website hundreds wouldnt have experienced Thailand in a healthy way Cheers Friend Im happy to speak of my family and our holiday 5 years ago, your a great person cheers Mark Mclean

  13. Danny you have helped me and my family out so much in the past and given us great advise on health, we would like to help you…. can you post your bank account number here and I would like to send you $20. it isn’t much but I notice you have over 1100 friends on facebook if half of them who you have helped sent you $20 it would give you a lot towards your legal fees and get you back where you can help us once more.
    Come on Dannys Supporters…. lets help him and show our support.

    1. Many Thanks Mam , I remember you and your family well. When yous come to Thailand for your next holiday you’s will have to come to visit me at Master Toddys Gym in Bangkok, The training at Master Toddys is on a whole new level to that of the gyms at Phuket. Much more focus on technique and less on the money . DAVE is going to LOVE it when he gets to meets Master Toddy. MANY MANY THANKs again for your generosity , $20 in Thailand goes a long way. Hope to see you and the family some time in 2012.

      Commonwealth Bank @ Bribie Island (QLD)
      Account Name: Danny Avison
      BSB: 064448
      Account Number: 10106381
      Account Type: Savings Account

      1. Look forward to it Danny stretched it to $50, what the heck its only the price of 2 packets of cigarettes and thanks to you I no longer smoke 🙂

        1. Hello Danny! Dont’t know if you still remember me, that curly Russian who was training with Jorm!?
          Well, I am so sorry for that story, thanx Reinaldo I knew what happened with you!
          my body and life absolutelly changed after firs experience in your camp, for what I very appreciate you. I have advised it to some people.
          And when I am at home not training, or eating much I always know, that I can come to your camp, spend 2 wonderful weeks in Phuket and came back home shape and fit, with fit belly!
          i wouldnever go there in Promthep!
          Danny, I would l make transfer too.
          Good luck in your new happy life!!!
          P.S. i am not anymore in facebook, so please let me know about new camp in Phuket on

          1. Yes I remember you Irena, Why you not in facebook now ?
            Come to train with us at Master Toddys Gym in Bangkok, you will LOVE it here.
            The training is VERY VERY good for technique and you get ALOT of attention from the trainers.
            We have accommodation at the gym + their is very nice hotels close to the gym.
            Many Thanks for your support Irena, Hope to see you again one day .. Danny.

  14. Do you have PayPal Danny? It wouuld be easier for non- Aussies to help you out with cash becaause it costs £30 in charges to transfer to foreign accounts but nothing via PayPal:). If so, let us know your PayPal email address and I willl send you over a contribution. X x

    1. Hello Sarah.. sorry I dont have paypal, Many Thanks for the gesture though.
      I am intrested to talk to you more about selling UFG fight gear online.

  15. Danny it is very easy to get paypal you just have to have a credit card to register for payments. do it. we want to help…..

  16. Oh mate I seriously hope that’s not your fate as I know you have many more people to teach and wisdom to give I look forward to training with you in your new gym stay strong and most of all stay safe

  17. Hi Danny

    When I decided I was going back to Thailand this year I was going to go to Rawai until I saw your original website for Phromthep and realised that you were the manager there. I decided to go there because you were the reason that Rawai was so good. Now that I have seen what they have done to you I definitely won’t ever go to Phromthep and I am sure there are a lot of other people who will avoid it for the same reason.

    Karma is going to kick them in the arse and they will eventually realise that it is cheaper to pay you what they owe you rather than have you working against their business in the future. If they had just done the right thing in the first instance they would have 50% of a viable business rather than 100% of a failing business. Serves them right!

    If I go to Bangkok I will definitely check out Master Toddy’s. I wish you all the best.

  18. Danny I am so sorry to hear what happened to you mate. You were always so helpful with great advice and alot of time for all of the students.
    I sincerely hope this has a positive outcome for you and applaud the fact that you are willing to fight them tooth and nail, even with your life at stake. You are a brave and courageous soul and I’m proud to know you.
    If Karma does exist and I believe it does, they will get theirs in either this life or the next. They have some truly serious crap to atone for.
    It is gratifying to hear that their bussiness, “Greedy Thai Partners” is going to the dogs without you. I’m glad that due to their abhorent behaviour they are getting a little financial payback for their actions so quickly. Although that is the least they deserve.
    My heart goes out to you bro and i wish you all the best in your current fight.

    Chok dee!


  19. Mate, I’m truly sorry to hear the crap that has happened to you. You were always the down to earth one that helped out with sincere and genuine advice and always stopped for a chat. I can’t believe that they’re doing this bullshit stunt on you and I hope that you win in the Thai courts.

  20. I recommended lots of my friends to go to Phromthep and I would say easily about 20-25 of them over the years have gone there. I will email them now to let them know what happened and also update my facebook status with this news.

    Greedy people should get their punishment …

    Good luck with the new gym and if you have any weight loss / muay thai camp recommendations in Pattaya then that would be great!

  21. Hey!

    I was just recommending a Muay Thai place to my friend that is going to Phuket for two months and read your stories. Shocking news!

    We were with you in 2010 and had a great time getting fit – such a shame.

    I hope it all turns out well.


  22. Hey Danny, I was at rawai a couple years ago when you were managing the place. How come you left?
    Sorry to hear about phromthep and your piece of shit business partners
    and im really sorry to hear about yib i really enjoyed him as a trainer and thought he was a good guy
    Anyways what gyms could you recommend now in phuket and bangkok
    Hope everything works out for you

    1. Hello Vincent

      I left Rawai bacause of differances between me & my Thai business partners… The Gym was no longer repesenting the quality that I wanted it to be. (Too much Party and not enough focus on fitness & self improvement) .. This is why I built PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp … but my Greedy Thai business partners had other plans …

      I will open a NEW GYM in thye north of Thailand.

      If you Looking for a GOOD GYM @ PHUKET to train now …
      Check Out >>>> Phuket Top Team >>

      Want to Train @ Bangkok .. Check Out >> Keatkhamtorn GYM @ Bangkok Gym >>

  23. Hi Danny

    I have been reading with interest your unfortunate circumstances. I did meet you and spoke briefly to you whilst I was in Phuket last year at the gym.
    I could see the incredible effort you had put into the gym etc and the enthusiasm you had towards the gym and students.
    Owning a gym in South Australia I do realise the effort that goes into this type of venture and for it to be taken from you would be devastating.
    Now you can put your teachings into practice by holding your head high, battle each round as it comes and with 100% determination and commitment the fight will be won.
    All the best.
    Regards Darren

  24. Oi Danny, been struggeling the last couple weeks with my on shit going on, but brillant to hear that ur going well!!! been in the phromthep the start of december, just wasn’t the same without you…no karma left in the gym, trainers didn’t give a damn about the students…hope ur project will be going great with master toddy!
    best wishes alex 😉

  25. danny, wishing you good luck!!! i almost booked the training but thanks god i found you blog and now i know what sh*t hides under nice images. i REALLY hope you will be able to come back to phuket to open a new gym, please keep us updated and see you there!

  26. Hi Danny…..I only spent two weeks training at your gym last May with my wife Neyrouz, but really enjoyed the experience and chatting with you. I left with a broken toe, and every time it aches it reminds me of the great time I had and skills that I learnt. We were planning on returning for two months in March, but after reading your blog will pass and go elsewhere. Good luck in your future endeavours. Paul & Neyrouz

  27. Hell of a thing mate,

    Sadly seen it all to many times, most often by mugs that buy houses for whores. In these here parts the falang is seen as fair game. Hope it all works out with Toddy.

    p.s (dont want to piss on your parade but I would give up the idea of the lawyer, Thai courts will rule in the Thai peoples favour 99.5% of the time regardless of the evidence as to who is right. You will be throwing good money after bad.

  28. That business doesn’t run without you, like alright the website is a recruiter but the tour when you first arrive and mentioning the things available in the restaurant and how they are beneficial eg. smoothie/coconut/electrolytes, and just giving you the general feel of the place, I can’t see any of them doing that, like they might say ” we have green smoothie” it’d be like so what? whats the significance? I think you’ll know what I mean.

    So many people make that mistake about proprietors of businesses, and they edge em out thnking they can do the same without em and they can’t, I bet not a single person who works or worked at that gym knows what Danny said to us when we arrived and what he said to us on the phone, so what makes them think they can replace him so easy, anyway I’m mentioning this stuff because I’m aware of it. I have no stake in it so don’t see the need to raise my head above the parapet. I’ll just say I thought you were sound Danny and I wish you all the best in whatever it is you do now, same to your bro as well.

  29. Hi Danny, mate this is devastating, but not surprising…….doesn’t matter what race, age or society, greed is prevalent, and mostly by those too damn lazy to go out there and earn it themselves…..But they will find this out, the hard way… Anzacs are battlers, fighters, and winners……..we are the ones that get up one more time than we have been knocked down, we are the warriors, we are the ones that are at peace with ourselves, and the ones that will conquer all. Let me now when this shit is behind you, and let’s bring yourself and master toddy to oz…….let me know when Jorm is ready, cos I’m keen to get him back here again too.
    Cheers mate, winners never quit, and quitters never win…….

  30. Danny,

    Heard what happened. Wish you best of luck. You’re the person who creates the waves. Goong and the other low lives just try to float on them. Soon (and already are) they will find out that they have done very bad. Karma will strike.

    Wishing you strength, vision and good luck.

    Best wishes,

  31. Danny, Sorry to hear of your drama at phromthep muaythai camp.
    When I trained at Phromthep YOU were the life behind the gym.
    YOU helped me get settled whhen I first arrived, YOU drove me around the neighbourhood and showed me where everything is. YOU helped me with my diet & weigh loss, YOU were their to help me when I had any issues at the gym.
    In my month training at phromthep I only knew who Goong was because her and her family were eating in the restaurant. If she thinks she can replace YOU then she is sadly mistaken. Dont let their Bull Shit get you down mate, YOU are a high acheiver, YOU will go on to BIGGER and BETTER things.

    You have our support 150%.

    Sincerely Dave & Sandy Mascott

  32. when you have your new gym I want to be a student of yours please keep the blog updated. good luck )))

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