14 day Hotel Quarantine

I have been off work the past 3 months because the Western Australia border has been closed to Queensland due to the delta variant of covid.

Its been a wonderful experience being home with the family for the past 3 months… I got alot of projects done in the garden, helped lighten the load for my wife around the house & spending some quality time with my nearly 2 year old daughter has been priceless.

Eating home produce
LOVING her time with Daddy
Quality time with FAMILY
Cycling with daddy
Cycling with daddy

Back to WORK

After 3 months being home daddy it is now time to get back to work.

The WA border is still closed so i have to do 14 day hotel quarantine before i can fly to my work location at the Telfer mine in Western Australia.

My employer (Macmahons) have been very supportive during my 3 months off work and they are covering food and accommodation expenses during my 14 day hotel quarantine.

Dreading hotel quarantine

14 days of sitting in a hotel room with not much to do seems painfully boring …

I googled “how to get through 14 days of quarantine” but most of the information i found online was basic stuff about doing yoga and meditation, getting in some exercise, keeping in contact with friends & family by phone, read some books, listen to podcasts and e-books & try not to drink too much alcohol. Their wasn’t much good advice on what to pack or what not to pack .

Work covers 2 meals a day ( breakfast and dinner) so i packed some extra food for lunch and some snacks, by day 3 of my hotel quarantine i realised most of it was unnecessary as dinner and breakfast was enough food given that im not out and about burning off calories. Also the local supermarket can deliver groceries to the room so access to fresh fruit, snacks and coffee, etc was not an issue.

Last day before flying out of Queensland i went to the book store to find a few books to read. Im not much into reading books and couldn’t find anything that interested me so my plan B Was to try and find a cheap guitar ($100) to take with me into hotel quarantine.
I haven’t played a guitar in 20+ years and i was not very good at it back when i last played but as i want to spark some music interest in my daughter i decided to put in some effort to learn some basic songs.

Learning the guitar

Taking a guitar into quarantine has turned out to be the BEST decision . I have spent 3 -8 hours most days practicing basic scales, some 12 bar blues and a few kids nursery rhymes. Any song you want to learn is available on youtube video so it has been suprisingly eazy to pick up some basic tunes. I look fwd to seeing what i can play for my daughter when i get back home in a few months.

Exercising in quarantine

It took me a couple of days to get into exercise mode, but when i did i felt much better than just lazing on the bed all day.

I set my phone timer to 5 minutes of exercise with 1 minute rest period between sets, I started with a mix of pushups, sit ups, squats, star jumps, shadow boxing and jogged a few laps of of my hotel room. Music playing on the phone made it made it easier to get into the exercise mode and by day 4 i was up to 50 minutes of exercise a day and clocking up 2 km of jogging in my room according to my garmin heart monitor watch.

Hotel quarantine has turned out to be not as bad as i expected, Infact it’s alot like my perfect holiday, nice hotel, good food, no wife telling me we have to do tourist stuff, lots of netflix and just chilling in the hotel..

A few things about hotel quarantine in Perth

(1) Perth airport you have to take a taxi / uber to your hotel ( with your mask on)

(2) After 48 hours of arriving in WA and again on day 12 of your hotel quarantine you have to get a covid test. With your mask on, You take an uber to the nearest covid testing place ( this can be found by googling covid testing near me) get the test and return back to your hotel. You dont need to wait for message / email giving you permission to go but you do need to advise the hotel reception of where and when you are going.

(3) g2g now app has a countdown on when your quarantine will end. Most days you will receive a message on the app, when you receive the message you have 5 minutes to respond with a photo of you in your hotel room. When you have received your covid test results you need to upload the results to your g2g now app.

Hotel quarantine WA
G2G NOW app – Hotel quarantine countdown
My $100 Guitar
Hotel Food … Is sooo GOOD

My advise to anyone that has to do 14 days hotel quarantine … enjoy the experience & try to come out of it better than when you went in. The time will go quick if your enjoying how you spend your time. Solitude is a great time to learn about Yourself.