July 2021

Winter in Queensland…

Home for a month as the WA border is closed to Queenslanders because of Covid. Loving the extra time with the baby. looking fwd to summer so we can swim. I brought a SHOTGUN baby bike seat for my mountain bike and have been cycling with the baby every day.. … ALOT of FuN and great bonding time.

Other Things … Working at Telfer is going well. Su is SUPER buzzy with her Massage business as ALWAYS. Moonshine & Lytafyre have not been doing so well last 12 months of racing. Lytafyre has a leg injury again so we have retired him and Moonshine has a cew issues so she has also retired from racing and has been put to stud.

We have our new horse MYBELLADONNA that has just started racing in NSW, she is showing alot of promise in her first few races and we hope 2021 – 2022 to be good times for her…. 2 more months intill Alyssa has her 2nd Birthday.

Cycling with daddy
Cycling with daddy


Alyssa Avison
Alyssa Daisy Avison – 1 Year Old

27th September .. Alyssa was 1 year old this week. How fast the 1st year has gone. She is a VERY out going and social girl. She is always smiling, has NO Fear, Loves Climbing things, Swimming in the Pool, Getting dirty in the garden.

Alyssa Daisy Avison

Our baby girl has arrived. Alyssa Daisy Avison was Born on 27th September 2019. Mum and baby are now home and settling in well. Alyssa is 1/2 Thai, 1/4 New Zealand, 1/4 Scottish & 100% AUSTRALIAN … Made in Queensland.