DANSU race team… 2019 – 2020

July 2019

Moonshine lady has  gone south with Dansu & Lytafire to train with Richard Butler at Nowra. Her first 2 races in the south were not great but we are confident she is close to producing her 3rd win. Hoping for BIG things from Moonshine in the next 12 months.

Moonshine lady at Randwick
Moonshine Lady

Update: She raced 6th July @ Nowra 1100m and lead all the way to WIN by a massive 7 lengths.  Next race was  at Randwick on 20th July, She lead most of the way at her first Race at Randwick but was bumped on the home straight and lost her momentum.

Update September 2019 –  After her 2nd Randwick race, Moonshine will no longer trained in NSW. We have brought her back up to Qld to be trained  & raced closer to home…. Working on a WIN @ DOOMBIN in 2020

moonshine lady racing at nowa nsw

Lytafire … aKa JIMMY has gone down south to train and race south of Sydney. He has been training last 3 months with Richard Butler. First race was  1100m at Nowra NSW on 9th December 2018. Jimmy showed good speed to lead most of the way but lost it in the last 20 meters by a top Sydney horse that had sold at Auction in 2017  for $420 000 (The Runner).

2nd Race: Lytafire race 5 @ Canberra on 28th December. He showed good speed to get out of the barrier fast, went a bit wonky in the straight but still WON race the race. See race video.

3rd Race 1100m at Gosford, Lytafire lead most of the way but was pushed onto the rain  in the last 100m and lost momentum. He showed good pace with the top speed of 74km. BIG things to come from Lytafire…

Update September 2019 : Lytafire  has a leg injury from running on  hard tracks in NSW. He is now retired from racing.

Vsiona Playboy  has stepped up to 1800m & had a HUGE win at the Sunshine coast in November. The track record @ Sunshine Coast 1800m is 1.48.86, Vsiona Playboy ran 1.49.94. see race video.  Vsiona Playboy will have 1 or 2 more races in December & January before a well earned break.

Update July 2019 : Vsiona Playboy has done a tendon in his front leg, To recover he would need 12 months in the paddock. We have decided to retire him from racing  and will look for a good home for him to live his life .

Dansu … Dansu has had 3 races with his NEW trainer Richard Butler.  He seems to be struggling with the quality of horses in NSW. If he dosent produce a decent result in the next few races, we will consider retiring him.

Update September 2019 : Richard Buttler couldn’t get a win from Dansu  so we have brought her back to Qld to race/ She has been leased to a local trainer on the Sunshine coast.

(New Horse) Findleton .. The MIGHTY FIN  .. Now in training with Richard Butler in Nowra NSW.. Findleton has   a leg injury after 8 months of training in NSW.  He is now retired before he ever got to race.