Baan Dansu @ Chumphon Thailand

Su & I will be back to Thailand again in  mid 2016 to look at more land for the next gym… location we are looking at is Chumphon on the East coast of Thailand.

Baan DANSU  Detox & Fitness Retreat @ Chumphon Thailand


Coming Soon .. Detox  ~ Yoga  ~ Triathlon Training ~ MTB cycling ~ Road Cycling ~ Marathon  road running … MORE details coming SOON in 2017

detox Bath baan dansu thailand

 Baan DANSU … Detox bath

baan dansu fitness retreat thailand

Baan DANSU  …  Fitness & Detox retreat – Chumphon province



baan dansu thai massage

Baan DANSU – Thai Massage


baan dansu green smoothie detox

Baan DANSU  Green smoothie / Kefir Drinks / / Vegetarian food / Aquaponic wheat grass/  Detoxing @ Chumphon province Thailand


baan dansu triathlon training camp thailand

Muay Thai Boxing Gym @  Chumphon province, South East Thailand


The photos above are a reflection of my imagination & represent ONLY what I’m thinking .. If I can dream it then I’m already 1/2 way their !




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 Baan DANSU Fitness Retreat .. Coming soon @  Chumphon province Thailand.

dansu triathlon training camp thailand 

Baan DANSU ~ Detox & Fitness Retreat ~  Chumphon province Thailand


Team Dansu

Team Dansu - Vsiona lodge racing colours
Team Dansu

  Team DANSU … Horse racing by Danny & Su

All of our horses were breed @ Vsiona Lodge (The Avison family farm) @ Gympie QLD Australia. See photos of our horses on facebook


Team DANSU Horse Racing

(1) Buakaw

Buakaw the horse
Buakaw is now retired from racing and is enjoying life as a show jumper.

Team Dansu - vsiona lodge racing colours See race stats for Buakaw

(2) Shandian

Racing @ Rockhampton

Team Dansu - vsiona lodge racing colours See race stats for Shandian

(3) Vsiona Red

Vsiona Red
Vsiona Red has retired due to ongoing injuries.

Team Dansu - vsiona lodge racing colours See race stats for Vsiona Red

(4) Dansu the horse

Dansu the horse
Dansu is trained by Chris Munce race team, He WON is maiden race @ Ipswitch in July 2016

Team Dansu - vsiona lodge racing colours See Race stats for DANSU

(5) Manny

Manny the Horse
Just been broken in as a 2 year old & will start racing soon.

UPDATE:  Manny (mentobe) is being trained on the Sunshine coast … He will be racing around November 2016

Team Dansu - vsiona lodge racing colours See Race stats for Manny .. AKA Mentobe

(6) Moonshine

moonshine the horse
Born 2015 … is growing well and should be ready to race in 2018

Moonshine is a special breed of horse and has come from American stallion (The Factor). The FACTOR is the fastest shuttle stallion standing in Australia

(7) Foal to Amber .. coming soon in 2016

Amber has also been mated with American stallion (The Factor) and is expected to be born around October 2016. The Factor is the fastest shuttle stallion standing in Australia.

Leading bloodstock agent John Moynihan described The Factor as a rocket ship, he is the fastest horse we’ve ever had. Physically he’s a 15 out of 10. He really does have the physical presence to match his speed… Having looked at the champion race horses and stallions in Australia, his physical appearance and record-breaking speed are tailor-made for the Australian market.”

Team DANSU horse racing @ Queensland Australia ~ sitemap

Living @ Perth Western Australia

8th December 2015

Su and I have now been living 1 year @ Perth Western Australia.

Su has finished her diploma of Remedial massage and is now working at Midland physiotherapy, I am still working at FMG Solomon mines.

We will decide in a few months if to buy a house at Perth or to keep saving our cash for the next Thailand gym….  update  about this coming soon.

Life is Good, Living in Perth is Good !

yahoo mail

Back in the WINNERS circle

After a year of injury’s and slack trainers, we have finally got Baukaw back to good form. 2 months of training with Mick Lakey Race team @ Brisbane and  Baukaw  has ran 1st place at Doombin race track Qld.

He was paying 33/1 for the win at the TAB & $41.000 as the race winner.


See race stats for Buakaw the Horse

Baukaw racing at Doombin Qld july 2015

Road trip to Perth Western Australia

Su and I relocated to Perth Western Australia in December 2014.

I picked up a GOOD mining job at the FMG Solomon mine @ the Pilbara Western Australia and Su is studying Remedial Massage at the Australian Institute of Fitness at Perth ….

Life is GOOD 🙂

road trip to perth wa

Penpat Su Avison

Western Australia

Western Australia – Nothing less than AMAZING

Queensland Tree Loppers

Tree Removal Redcliffe & Brisbane Northside

At Queensland Tree Loppers our specialty is those difficult jobs that most tree loppers don’t want to touch. Tall dangerous tree’s in small yards with very little room for error. We also do residential maintenance work, storm damage clean ups, real estate body corporate jobs & Insurance work.

Queensdland Tree Loppers

Web Site: Qld Tree Loppers

Call for a quote now – Call Wayne Avison:  0432 184 286 or email

Tree Lopping Redcliffe Qld

See other suburbs where Qld Tree Loppers have done tree removal jobs …

We offer a complete tree removal service on the Redcliffe peninsular and surrounding suburbs.

  • Tree Lopping
  • Palm Tree Trimming
  • Palm Tree Removal
  • Tree & Stump Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Wood Chipping
  • Tree Mulching
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Wood chipper Hire

Tree Removal Redcliffe Qld 4020

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Darwin NT – The Top End of Australia

Darwin Australia – Northern Territory ~ The Top End

February 2014 – Su and I have gone to Darwin to have a look at some work opportunities in NT.

Quick Links 

darwin australia

WHAT’s in Darwin you ask ???

Big Trucks, BIG money, Big Dreams , Big adventure’s…..  YOU got to Think BIG …!

 Some things we want to do while @ Darwin.

  • Have some FuN
  • NT driving license for Su
  • Job for Su
  • Job in the mines for Danny
  • Buy a Car
  • Catch a Barramundi (BIG FISH)
  • Get my HR (Truck / Bus)  drivers license
  • Buy a house

… Darwin NT ~ Kakadu national park ~ Groote Eylandt ~  Northern Territory…

darwin nt australia

swimming laps darwin australia

I  haven’t  been swimming in a 50 meter pool since BEFORE I moved to Thailand in 2001. When I lived at Phuket  I was swimming  about 2 km a day at Naiharn beach and @ Bangkok their was a 25 meter pool close to the Gym. BUT nothing is better than a 50 meter pool….. it makes living in the TROPICs so much more enjoyable.

UPDATE : MARCH 19th 2014

chef sue avison

Su has started working at Airport Catering, if you fly out of Darwin on a Virgin or Qantas  flight, the chances are you will be eating food from Su chef. I have just passed my HR (Truck License ) and I am now one step closer to getting  fly in fly out  job in the NT mines.  My Medical is scheduled for next week … …..  my thoughts …. I stepped out of my comfort zone and walked the path unknown A journey of hope  & dreams  I’m on the road less traveled Incognito is opportunity it looks a lot like hard work That’s where dreams become reality .. If you only HAVE A GO Poem by Danny Avison 2014

UPDATE :25th APRIL 2014

ANZAC day …. least we forget 🙂

I got a mining job. I have started working  as bus driver / Utilities worker with Compass – ESS @ the Manigurr – ma village 30km south of Darwin.  I am working 2 weeks on – 1 week off (140 hrs).

Update : May 2014

The new job did not turn out so good. Long hours , average money, No free onsite accommodation. I have applied with some of the bigger companies that offer better wages and onsite accommodation but have 1 -2  months wait before I can re do medicals and start new job so we have decided to DRIVE the 3400 km back to Brisbane QLD and will drive back up to Darwin when I get another mining job.

The drive home …. was 3400 km from Darwin CBD to Gympie Qld.
The Darwin speed limit is 130 kmph … AWESOME … long straight roads…
(Day 1) We drove approx 1000km to Darwin 3 ways, approx 9 hrs of driving. Accommodation at the 3 ways road house was average @ $95 a night. T bone steak at the road house was good.

Day 2 we drove along route #66 to a small town 200 km past Mt Isa. Long straight roads, EXPENSIVE fuel (40 cents per liter more than Queensland prices).

Day 3 we drove to Emerald QLD .. A LOT more traffic and 110km speed limit.

Day 4 we drove to Emerald to  Gympie Qld.

UPDATE : June 14th 2014

I got a new job as HR driver / utilities worker @ a BHP mine on Groote eylandt  NT. Medical has been done and I fly back to Darwin on 17th June for my work place induction, start work on the island 24th June. 2 weeks on/ 1 week off.

UPDATE :25th July 2014

I am VERY happy to be back in 30c + temperatures. Working at the BHP Gemco mine  on Groote eylandt  has been a GOOD EXPERIENCE for me. I LOVE being around the CAT 777 haul trucks,  D11 bulldozers & road trains.

Groote Eylandt is the largest island in the Gulf of Carpentaria in north-eastern Australia. The island is about 50 kilometres from the Northern Territory mainland and 633km south-east of Darwin. The island measures about 50km from east to west and 60km north to south, and covers a total area of 2326.1 square kilometers. The Groote Eylandt Mining Company (GEMCO), a BHP Billiton subsidiary, operates a large open-pit manganese mine on the island. The mine was first commissioned in 1965. The Groote Eylandt operation accounts for about one quarter of the world’s total manganese production.

See my photos  ~> working @ Groote Eylandt

Read more info about ~> Groote eylandt


UPDATE 4th September 2014

dansu race team

Su and I now have 3 horses racing in QLD Australia. We have 20% share in Buakaw, Vsiona Red & Shandian +  a 50% share in Dansu the horse whom will be racing in 2015 / 2016.  All horses were bread at the Avison family farm @ Gympie QLD.

Buakaw  is off to a good start and has already had multiple wins during his 1st year of racing. He has just had  a 3 month break and will commence racing again October 2014

Shandian has just started racing and has already had a win at Rockhampton.

Visona Red is looking to be our best investment, he WON his first race at the Sunshine coast in August  and broke the class record.

See photos of   Team DANSU 2014 race team


UPDATE 25th October 2014

Su and I have now relocated to Darwin from Queensland. We drove from Gympie QLD  to Darwin in 42 hours. Departing Gympie @ mid night. The coast road to Rockhampton was very good, much better than the last time I drove this route 20 years ago. We reached mt Isa  after 24 hrs of driving. 2 hours past Mt Isa we stopped at the NT/ QLD border for a quick snooze. The second leg of the trip was much faster as the speed limit in NT is 130 kmph. We reached Darwin CBD at approx 4 pm. 3400 km covered in 42 hours, I hope NOT to have to do it again.

Racing News: Baukaw has his first race at Sunshine coast after 3 months break. October he will be racing at eagle farm.


UPDATE 28th November 2014

It looks like our Darwin  adventure is coming to an end. I have picked up a new mining job @ WA and start work their December 2014. Su will relocate to Perth with me in January 2015.

More updates on our Darwin adventure coming soon ….


darwin driving school

<~ DARWIN Driving School ~ Learn to Drive  ~> Learner Driving Lessons @  Palmerston Darwin NT

Shitty situations can inspire AWESOME solutions

It is not in spite of daunting circumstances that we grow but because of them

dansu with our gran kids

During my 12 years in Thailand I was working nearly 24 / 7 on the gym web site making improvements and updates. I was up at  4 – 5am most mornings to respond to e-mails, staying up till 3am after fight night’s to ensure fight video’s were online before I went to bed. It was an experience that helped developed my internet skills far beyond my expectations.

Since leaving Thailand in 2011…  I have had very little desire to even turn on my computer. Other than updating photo’s to facebook, I have had NO motivation to work on any of my web site’s. Last year I was even considering selling some of my web site’s because of the lack of inspiration I had to develop them.

(1) Thailand Muay

(2) Ironman Phuket

(4) Detox Phuket

But shitty situations can inspire awesome solutions and I have come to realize that the disorienting storms of life are not just about survival but of learning to thrive when times are tough.  It is not in spite of daunting circumstances that we grow but because of them.

It’s now  2014 … The year of the horse ….  I now find my self inspired to move forward and work towards developing my skills and improving on my craft.

My first month back online has been a but rusty and remembering my way around a web site has been a little slow but I am once again back online, Back on the road less traveled, the road to new adventures …. HAPPY days .


I stepped out of my comfort zone and walked the path unknown
A journey of hope & dreams  I’m on the road  that is less traveled
Incognito is opportunity it looks  a lot like hard work
That’s where  my dreams become reality … If  I choose to take that chance.
Poem by Danny Avison 2014

Drinking Raw Eggs

RAW EGG  Energy Drinks

The Benefits from Drinking RAW EGGS

This web page is about MY experience drinking raw eggs. 
I have written it as a guide to help others make their own decision about the pros and cons of drinking raw eggs …. written by Danny Avison … 2014

raw eggs

Since 2007…. I have been experimenting with raw eggs as my main source of nutrition. When I first started on raw eggs I was living in Thailand at a Thai boxing camp. I was training 4 – 6 hours a day and consuming on average 12 – 16 raw eggs everyday. It ‘s now February 2014 and I am happy to say that I am still drinking raw eggs EVERY day as my main form of nutrition.

raw egg nutrition

The first thing I want to mention is that since I have been drinking raw eggs (7+ years) ….  I have NOT had a sick day. Not a cold or flu symptom or any from of illness   related from consuming raw eggs. I have never had any health issues  from raw eggs contaminated with Salmonella.


 How Many Eggs to eat in a day ?      My rule is …  1 raw egg for each hour of exercise. If I’m working allot and no time for exercise I try not to eat any more than 1- 2  raw eggs a day. When I’m training hard (3 – 6 hours of exercise a day ) I consume 3 – 6 raw eggs.

How to test the quality and freshness of an egg ?      Place a raw egg into a glass bowl…  a fresh egg  (less than 7 days old) will sit on the bottom of the bowl. An egg that is 10 – 20 days old will float a little on one side of the egg but still be in contact with the bottom of the glass bowl. If the egg is bad or older than 20 days it will float. Try to buy fresh free range farm eggs. The yolk  of a fresh should be bright yellow in colour, the yolk of an old egg will be a dark yellow colour.

Refrigerating your eggs ~ Eggs have a membrane that coats the shell of the egg. When an egg shell is cleaned / washed the membrane is washed off with it and the egg will need to be refrigerated to stop it from going off. A  farm fresh egg  that has not been washed will not require refrigeration because the membrane protects the egg.  BUT beware … an unwashed egg has contaminates on the shell such as bird shit. You should wash your hands after handling an unwashed egg or you may end up  accidentally contaminating your food. ALL eggs sold in  Australia / NZ / USA supermarkets  are washed before they can be sold to the general public.

raw egg nutrition


Why are raw eggs so GOOD for your body ?

Its the fat in the yolk that gives the body its fuel. its a better form of energy than carbs and as long as the fat is un heated it can fuel your body during endurance exercise and gives faster recovery.


My favorite RAW eggs drinks

(1) 500 ml FRESH Coconut water,  1 table Spirulina powder + 1 – 2 raw eggs

(2) Raw unpasteurized milk, 1 table spoon of drinking chocolate + 1 – 2 raw eggs

(3) 500 ml of Kefir Milk, 1 banana, passion fruit, fresh mixed berries + 1 – 2 raw eggs

kefir milk

Kefir MILK … It is a refreshing pro-biotic drink made from fermenting milk. When fermented kefir becomes more like a pro-biotic drinking yoguart. Kefir originated in the Caucasus Mountains many centuries ago.

Unlike yogurt you buy in the supermarket, kefir contains around thirty strains of good bacteria such as lactobacillus bacteria. Kefir has anti-tumour properties, It is an anti-inflammatory and is an excellent stimulant for your immune system.

Kefir grains produce their own antibiotics and is rich in minerals and vitamins such as iron, calcium, magnesium, folic acid, particularly the B group & vitamin K2.

Kefir slows the aging process and has many healing properties such as helping with heart and artery disease, lowering cholesterol levels and regulating hypertension & blood pressure. It assists your digestive system and  heals the liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, gall bladder, soothes your digestive and urinary tracts and  heals stomach ulcers.

Fermented Kefir milk combined with RAW EGGs and mixed berries makes for an AWESOME breakfast smoothie / meal replacement

Read more about the health benefits of drinking Kefir


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